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Reach A Precious Child

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused financial hardship for
many families in the San Antonio area. Therefore, we are seeing a significant increase in requests for scholarships. Please consider making a donation to provide every child with memorable summer experience this year.
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Reach a Child 

Families of children with special needs have more expenses than other families. As an act of kindness, you can provide a scholarship for one or more of our participants to attend one or more of our programs. You will receive a very personal thank you package for your donation. Please click on the link below to reach a child:

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Sponsor A Program 

Each program we offer requires expenses that ensure that we maintain the high-quality programs for which we are known. Becoming a program sponsor is a great way to support our mission of providing dynamic enrichment programs for children with special needs and respite for their families. The program you sponsor will feature your name and/or logo. 

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