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Our Party Nights are a unique twist on Parents' Night Out.

WHO CAN ATTEND? Children with developmental delays, ages 6 years to 18 years old, and their nondisabled siblings ages 5 and older. 

WHO CARES FOR THEM?   All our programs are equipped with trained and experienced staff (such as certified special education teachers, speech pathologists, etc.), so that parents and caregivers get a well-deserved respite.
PREFER A VIRTUAL OPTION? Join our MOVE & ZOOM dance party on Zoom on select Friday nights at 7pm. Click on the RSVP button below to sign up!

In-Person Program Application Process

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Step 1: Submit the Program Eligibility Screening Form. This form is required for all our participants (children with developmental delays ages 6 to 18 years old and their siblings ages 5 years and older) to determine their eligibility to be enrolled in our in-person summer program, based on CDC guidelines as well as our behavioral and developmental guidelines. Eligible participants will receive an email with access to the application form. Click here for the form.

Are you already registered? 

Step 2: Submit Participant Application Form. Eligible participants will receive an email that gives access to complete the application form. **Please note that this only means that you are eligible to complete an application form.** Please use the application checklist to have all the necessary information and documents ready for this step.

Step 3: Application review and request for additional documents. This step will involve the review of your application and the possible request for additional documents to be uploaded into our portal. We may reach out to you during this step for any needed clarification to help us determine your child's eligibility for our program.

Step 4: Payment process. Full payment is required in order for your application process to be complete. A payment link will be sent to all eligible participants via email. Scholarship applications are required for families who request additional support. Proof of income is required with all scholarship applications. **Please note that after this step, you will be informed of your child's status regarding your application.**
For additional information on our COVID-19 policies & procedures for this program click here.


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